The first goal of our missions program at New Life Christian Center is to serve our Jerusalem (our community). Some of the area we serve are:
  • Westfield Soup Kitchen 4 times a year on every 5th Tuesday of the month led by Cindy DeGray & Tammy Zabik.
  • Westfield High School Teachers Appreciation/Supplies led by Cindy DeGray.
  • Box Tops for Education for White Oak School in Westfield Ma. Led by Cindy DeGray.
  • Samaritan Inn in Westfield led by Wanda Rodriquez.
  • Stamps Fund Project led by Missions Committee.

Assemblies of God World Missions represents a growing family of more than 4,113 people – 2,098 appointed missionaries, 615 missionary associates and 1,400 missionary children – scattered throughout 200 countries and territories. 

The second goal of our missions program at New Life Christian Center is to “serve our world.” We support over twenty-eight missionaries with a specific monthly monetary gift.  We have committed to 1,400 dollars every month for the missionaries we support worldwide. We have missionaries in Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, Caribbean, and Europe.

The following are some of the areas we have had the privilege of serving in:

  • Building desks for schools, building an outhouse, hospital waiting bay, cow and cow shed for an orphanage in Kenya, Africa.
  • Helping missionaries Tom and Irena build a church for the Gypsies in the Czech Republic.
  • Drilling water for the community in Indonesia directed by Pastor Don Butera,
  • Building an orphanage in Molo, Kenya, Africa (construction ongoing, visit for more info.)
  • Our children support the Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge (BGMC) which provides supplies for missionaries here in the U.S. and around the world.
  • Our youth support Speed the Light which provides transportation for U.S. and foreign missionaries.

The current Missions Committee Team members are Pastor Wayne Hartsgrove, Cindy DeGray, Wanda Rodriguez, Zippie Irari, Rebecca Rivest. Nicole Hoffman, and Lynne LaBombard.

If you have any questions regarding missions, want to know how you can support the missionaries, or are interested in learning more about upcoming missions trips please do not hesitate to ask any of the mission’s committee team members listed above, call the Church, or check the information desk.  Feel free to check out the digital photo frame in the foyer which has all the latest pictures of different missions projects we’ve undertaken.