To help people become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.


  • [WORSHIP GOD] True worship focuses on praising and glorifying God by developing a lifestyle that confesses and honors Him in word and deed everywhere followers go.
  • [FIND THE LOST] Reaching people in our community and around the world with the Gospel message.
  • [FREE THEM] Helping people get on a path to becoming a fully devoted follower.
  • [FEED THEM] Equipping followers and ministries at New Life and helping people learn what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.
  • [SEND THEM] A common culture that will help train followers to be effective in serving each other, the community and the world.



  • [THE BIBLE] is the final authority and serves as the tool for life transformation and discipleship.
  • We cultivate healthy [RELATIONSHIPS] by treating all people with compassion and celebrating the diverse make-up of our church family.
  • We are [RELEVANT] to today’s culture, using creativity and innovation to create an environment where people can explore Christianity at their own pace.
  • We provide an atmosphere of growth that strengthens marriages, parents and [FAMILIES].
  • We are committed to [EXCELLENCE] because God deserves nothing less.